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If 2014 was “The Year of the Breach,” with a whopping 43% of North American firms telling the Ponemon Institute that they experienced a hack in 2014, then what lies ahead in 2015 for technology and security? Tech Crunch described our current state of awareness as “a tipping point for cybersecurity.” 

Once it’s clear that heightened security is necessary to maintain the health of your company’s technology, the question becomes: “What can business owners do to achieve such goals?” Without in-house staff equipped to deal with the daily ins and outs of IT, this can be a major challenge.

Which is where managed services, best defined as a proactive rather than reactive approach to IT issues, comes in. Rather than struggling to come up with the time and resources to handle IT in-house, a trusted managed services provider can improve the productivity and efficiency of your staff while also keeping your business and its critical information safe. Here’s how:

  1. Anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware efforts. Viruses and malware are proliferating at a rate never seen before in the tech industry. Keeping up with such advances is nearly impossible for the average business owner… [Click here to read more]
  2. Remote backup. Maintaining the security of your data is one thing — making sure it’s around to be kept safe is another. With a redundant and repeatable process for regular data backups… [Click here to read more]
  3. Patch deployment. Would you rather struggle to play catch up with software patches and signatures, or entrust a rock-solid business partner to take care of such issues while you and your staff are out of the office and even asleep… [Click here to read more]
  4. Access, identity, and firewall management. Like the necessities listed above, access, identity, and firewall management are similar bedrocks of any sound technology strategy. Keeping unauthorized users out… [Click here to read more]
  5. Dynamic, mobile- and cloud-ready security. But don’t let a good office firewall lull you into a false sense of security. As Tech Crunch said this month, “Traditional infrastructure security technologies that are based on the idea of a perimeter have become obsolete. The perimeter is dead… [Click here to read more]

Improving data and technology security in 2015 doesn’t have to be an unattainable New Year’s resolution or commitment. With a managed services provider like CMIT Solutions by your side, “The Year of the Breach” can fade into the rear view mirror. Contact us today if you’d like a trusted partner to worry about your IT so that you don’t have to.

SecurityTrustmark badge

CMIT Solutions of Denver recognizes the importance of having internal security best practices in place as we became certified for the CompTIA Security Trustmark in December 2014. What are your organization’s best practices when it comes to security of information?

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Don’t count the emails – it tells you how many you have. Perhaps, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I ever dreaded going on a well-deserved vacation, especially out of the country, because when I return my inbox will be overflowing?
  • Do I justify taking a laptop or tablet on your vacation so I can keep my inbox under control so as not to be as overwhelmed upon returning to work?
  • How many times have I told myself “I’ll clean up my inbox over the weekend” or “it’s okay to have thousands of emails in my inbox because I can easily search for a person or topic?”

Over the past few months we have heard or read rave reviews from peers in the IT industry on an email inbox productivity application called SaneBox. You can test it out for a 2 week trial to determine if it fits your needs. I have heard that SaneBox makes your inbox more fun because it’s a stress reducer.


On the home page of SaneBox, there is a quote from the casting director of The Hobbit, that reads “Sanebox has changed my life. I purchased SaneBox for my entire team, and they love it as much as me!”

Are there boat loads of unimportant emails that land in your inbox that you don’t want or you may want to view later because they’re not urgent or important but good to read? Problem solved with SaneBox. One cool functionality that is available is the Snooze Folder where an email will move from  he Snooze Folder back into your inbox when it’s a better time for you. If you are the person who hits your snooze button and then don’t get up when the alarm comes back on, you may want to reconsider using the Snooze Folder. Like most things in productivity management, it takes discipline.

To provide our clients with information and solutions on increasing producitivity,

this is part of our CMIT Promise.


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