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Depending where you live may dictate which types of natural disasters are more prone to happen for you and your business. CMIT Solutions of Denver and our clients are not apt to be affected by hurricanes nor earthquakes. However, and unfortunately, we know that floods and fires are very likely here in Colorado. But, man-made ones know no boundaries.

While all of these natural disasters can wreak havoc on small businesses, a 2013 Aberdeen study revealed that the real culprits are:

pie chart on DR sources

No matter the cause, and no matter the damage, CMIT Solutions only cares about one thing: getting your business back on its feet as quickly as possible after a disaster.

Our proactive backup and disaster recovery solutions (vis-à-vis CMIT Guardian) don’t wait for tragedy to strike, instead delivering:

  • Peace of mind thanks to top-flight data encryption
  • Remote, offsite, redundant data backup
  • Properly tested business continuity and virtualization plans
  • Increased productivity thanks to reduced downtime


Even if the odds are that a natural disaster would never happen to you and hopefully it won’t, preparing for the manmade disasters that plague the best of us is paramount to business success.

Contact CMIT Solutions today at 303-756-2648 and ask for Phil for a review so he and the CMIT team can  plot the best course toward disaster preparedness.

This is part of our CMIT Promise  – Protect Your Data.




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Does Section 179 ring a bell?  Is it dejavu all over again?

Well, it’s time to revisit this section in the IRS tax code with the hope of saving your company money on taxes with respect to technology. The federal government is allowing purchases of up to $25,000 in computers (i.e. hardware), software, office furniture and more as a deduction for the 2014 tax year. In previous years the ceiling was 10 times higher. However and regardless of the lower amount allowed, it can still be useful for your business.

Speak with your CFO/Controller and your CPA about taking advantage of this while it’s still available. You have until 12/31/14 to make the qualifying purchases. Naturally, you only want to spend or invest in these items if you need them now or in the next year. Don’t spend for the sake of spending unless you really can and should.

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Earlier this year CMIT Solutions of Denver introduced our hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution that is part of our CMIT Voice offering. Hosted VoIP continues to grow in popularity due to its flexibility and managing communication expenses.

There are three (3) ways your business can benefit from CMIT Voice:


Commitment to Quality—There is no need to worry about those tinny sounds on our hosted VoIP phones and network. The first reason is that CMIT runs tests on your network prior to implementing this voice solution to preempt any potential issues once the phone system is in place. After the system has been installed, updates to the hardware will happen automatically and technical support is included as part of the package.


Grows with your Business— Just like our Office 365 solution, you
can add new users (i.e. adding new VoIP phones) as you add new employees regardless of location of that new employee. You as the owner or manager of office operations can even monitor telecommuter productivity with the seamless connections for remote offices and users.


Saves you Money—There are two important details to share about the potential of saving your business money: our Free Money Program (see page 6) and not having to purchase expensive on-premise equipment. The Free Money Program was highlighted in the October 2014 newsletter and has the offer for us to review your recent phone bills, review them with our hosted VoIP partner (they’re the ultimate experts) and provide you with a price quote for our CMIT Voice solution. Also, if you already have Polycom phones which are non-proprietary, we may be able to re-program them for our system.

Call CMIT Denver at 303-756-2648 for a complimentary, no obligation assessment of your network, network speed and phone bills. We’ll assemble a report and let your voice be heard.

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Your people and your data are your most important assets and so, as you consider Office 365 for your productivity needs, we want to do our best to answer your top questions upfront. Trust Center is the place where Microsoft shares its commitments and information on trust-related topics.

With Office 365, it’s your data. You own it. You control it. And it is yours to take with you if you decide to leave the service. The core tenets of our approach to earning and maintaining your trust are:

  • Built-In Security
    • Service-level security through defense-in-depth
    • Customer controls within the service
    • Security hardening and operational best practices
  • Continuous Compliance
    • Proactive processes to meet your compliance needs
    • Customer controls for organizational compliance
    • Independently verified to meet evolving standards
  • Privacy By Design 
    • Your data is not used for advertising
    • You have extensive privacy controls
    • You can take your data with you when you want
  • Transparent Operations
    • You know where your data resides and who has access
    • Visibility into availability and changes to the service
    • Financially backed guarantee of 99.9% uptime

For more extensive insights and information, please click here to visit the Trust Center.

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