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CMIT Solutions of Denver focuses on keeping the technology infrastructure of its clients healthy. Part of this is achieved via our role as vCIO or technology partner and consultant. One of the technology areas that we support is Communication. This includes internet, telephony, and cellular. For the purposes of this article, we will focus on our hosted VoIP solution and how our clients can have an almost immediate benefit.


The FREE Money Program can save our clients money. This is how it works:

  1. CMIT will collect phone bills for the past 2-3 months from our clients.
  2. Our telephony partner will review those bills with us and determine if a particular client will immediately benefit financially from our hosted VoIP solution.
  3. CMIT will provide this client with a price quote.

Benefits to our clients for participating in the FREE Money Program:

  1. Free Money. Some of our clients could be presented with the opportunity to reduce their telephony expenses and improve their functionality.
  2. Easy. CMIT and our telephony partner will do the leg work which includes the billing analysis, price quoting and product demo.

Get started now—no time or money to waste. Call Debi at CMIT Solutions at 303-756-2648 for a complimentary and thorough analysis of your telephone bills and we’ll present you with our findings.



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eye for halloweenMany business owners and managers we work with wait FAR too long to have us check and update their computer network’s health and security. Unless we are actively performing regular daily/weekly/monthly maintenance, a nasty virus, malicious hacker, unexpected software corruption, hardware failure or dozens of other problems could catch you off guard and result in extensive downtime, data loss and expensive data recovery efforts.
That’s because many businesses do not perform regular maintenance on their network and therefore are overlooking many serious threats that are increasing all the time. At some point, disaster strikes and they find themselves in a real mess, with a network down and employees sitting idle, waiting to get back to work.

By then the damage is done, and it can cost thousands of dollars to get the network back to normal, if that’s even possible. What saddens me even more is the fact that almost every one of these costly disasters could have easily been prevented if someone had checked their network’s security and health to remove these threats on a regular basis.

No More Excuses! Our Free Network Checkup Will “Exorcise” The Demons Hiding In Your Computer Network

From now until Halloween (October 31st), we’re offering all clients and newsletter recipients with 10 or more computers a FREE Network Checkup ($497 value) so that you have no excuse for not making sure your computer network is safe and sound. Schedule your FREE Spooky Network Checkup to “see” if you are truly safe from spyware, viruses, hackers and other SPOOKY disasters by calling our office at 303-756-2648.

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When your internet is slow or even down and affecting your productivity or it’s time to upgrade to a new cell phone, do you ever ask yourself “When is my contract coming up for renewal? Am I getting the best deal for what I’m paying and for what I need for my business?”

Perhaps the reason your network or internet connection is slow is due to personnel growth which means higher usage of data that’s connected to your network. That’s a fantastic reason to have slowness – but only for a short time. As your technology partner and consultant, CMIT Solutions of Denver would sit down with you to discuss the necessary solution to get productivity back on track.

Perhaps due to this growth, your business plan with your local cellular provider just isn’t cutting it. The competition in the cellular marketplace is fierce and always evolving. This means that you need to review your cellular plan on a regular (probably annual basis) to determine if you need to adjust it or move to another provider. Once again, CMIT will step in and up by working with you to find the answer.

As part of our CMIT Marathon program for our proactively managed clients, we would start by placing alerts in our system with expiration dates of your internet, cellular or software licensing agreements. The alerts will vary for each type of provider because more time may be needed for researching for internet than for software licensing. Our goal is for our clients to be in front of the eight ball, not behind it and get renewed automatically when that is not what they want or need.

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One of the most famous quotes in the business world comes from Founding Father and early American Renaissance man Benjamin Franklin: “Lost time is never found again.” But in today’s digital-driven, connectivity-obsessed world, it’s easier than ever to waste time. Listicles, viral videos, social media, emails, games… it’s a wonder any of us actually get anything done.

But it’s not difficult to maximize your time management. Some of the following tricks are technology focused, while some are old-fashioned and have been around hundreds of years longer than the newest model of smartphone or tablet. Read on for 5 tips and then 5 apps* we’ve found that work great for employees and bosses, individuals and businesses.

1. Get two (or even three) monitors. Research on the productivity boost provided by multiple monitors proves what anecdotal evidence swears by: expanding your view means getting the job done faster…[click here to read more].

2. Decide what’s urgent and what’s important. As American hero and former president Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “Most things which are urgent are not important, and most things which are important are not urgent…[click here to read more].

3. Share documents on the cloud. The cloud isn’t just for storing data — it also makes the sharing of documents between different devices seamless…[click here to read more].

4. Manage every minute — but maintain a balance. Sounds impossible, right? Well, nearly all high-powered entrepreneurs and businesspeople follow this precept. Virgin Group founder and chairman Richard Branson recently told Fast Company that he manages every minute of his day, even his exercise…[click here to read more].

5. Don’t waste time trying to remember passwords. If you’re smart, you’ve got different passwords for different accounts, which minimizes the risk of intrusion or compromise…[click here to read more].

And now for 5 apps, services, and software packages that can jumpstart your time management and productivity:

(*Disclaimer: The third-party apps and services listed above and below are only included in this QuickTip for reference. Contact CMIT Solutions so we can find the professional products, services, software that are right for your needs.)

6. Rescue Time. This app monitors your Internet browser use to see what kinds of web pages are stealing your time…[click here to read more].

7. The Journal function in Microsoft Outlook. Believe it or not, the most widely used PC email program comes built in with a great time management function…[click here to read more].

8. Remember the Milk. This all-purpose (and free!) tool works across all devices, Internet browsers, and email/calendar platforms to manage your tasks easily…[click here to read more].

9. Evernote or Microsoft OneNote. These free productivity tools capture everything: words, thoughts, images, audio recordings, lists…[click here to read more].

10. Focus Booster. This paid app ($2.99/month) follows the pomodoro principle, which relies on bursts of focus boosted by the removal of distractions…[click here to read more].

At CMIT Solutions, we worry about IT so you don’t have to. That means you can concentrate on doing your job and effectively manage your time while we take care of the tech issues. If you’re looking for more ways to increase your productivity and efficiency, visit www.SU4P.com and contact us today.

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