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heartbleedLast week there were alerts (including from CMIT Solutions) about the Heartbleed threat due to security vulnerabilities with secure websites. With the continued barrage by ne’er do wells of our websites, emails, and data in general, you’d think that your heart may skip a beat or two from the stress and anxiety that such threats and annoyances can cause.

The Heartbleed vulnerability is a flaw in the code of OpenSSL or the encryption behind “https://,” a common protocol on eCommerce and other encrypted websites. It’s still unclear whether the holes in OpenSSL are being massively exploited but we wanted to let you know what’s possible and remind you we are staying on top of the situation.  Website and email companies are patching their systems as quickly as they can.

Here’s what’s going on.

Most of the changes that are required to protect your businesses are done on the servers where your web hosting is done or the companies’ servers for your online service providers (e.g.  GoDaddy or another web hosting company). The vulnerability is massive and could have exposed passwords, usernames, social security numbers for a broad group of users on an estimated 500,000 websites, including these – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, GoDaddy, Intuit, DropBox, LastPass, Minecraft and OKCupid. (Check back for updates)

Regardless if you have an internal email server or e-commerce on your web site, your personal information may be at risk due to flaws in websites you use.  What can you do to minimize potential risk?

• Change your passwords on all sites that have been patched! If you are unsure if it has been patched and it contains sensitive information such as financial accounts, credit card accounts, we would recommend changing them but to be safe. Sounds obvious, but we’re serious here: create new, strong, and secure passwords — best practice is to have a different ones for each site you use. A password management tool is invaluable for such a task, along with a Heartbleed checker like this one from LastPass.

• Check the vulnerability of your vendors websites that are key to your business, particularly if it relies on e-commerce. If, as many security experts fear, the Heartbleed bug has been stealing data for the last two years, credit card information will probably be at the top of that list. Many online outlets purport to test for Heartbleed vulnerability, but working with a trusted IT provider is your best bet to ensure security, transparency and proper implementation of any fixes.

Here’s what CMIT Solutions has done.

We are staying apprised of new information about our commonly used vendors such as Intuit, People’s and vendor websites we use that contain sensitive information. We have verified the major vendors that we use (maintenance, monitoring, patching, remote access, password management, etc.) to provide our services have not been affected by the vulnerability.  

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Through our CMIT Anywhere branding of cloud-based solutions, CMIT Solutions of Denver is pleased to announce that we have another solid and tested alternative to solution to the traditional FTP or File Sharing solution used by businesses today. Over the years and more often nowadays, we have clients who need to share all types of files internally and with external sources such as board of directors, clients and remote workers. FTP, DropBox and other consumer quality solutions have been used. For a business, a business-class file sharing and access tool needs to be used to protect the integrity of the company and its data.

universal file access imageThe benefit of using a file sync solution is having remote file access no matter where you are in the world.  In today’s environment people not only want to make sure their data is safe, but they want access to it at a moment’s notice.   Keep all of your data with you, whether it is presentations, spreadsheets, pictures, or other important files.

You will have the freedom to work from any device, smart phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and the web.

Anytime one of your files is updated, it will sync across all of your platforms (i.e. desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone).  Also, if you are collaborating with team members, everyone’s files will be up-to-date at all times.

Even if you make changes that were not intended, you can also use revisions to pull up older versions of your important data.

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CMITVoice   CMIT Solutions has an array of solutions and CMIT Voice is part of this. Our hosted VoIP solution falls under CMIT Voice much like our proactive management and support    program falls under CMIT Marathon. Hosted VoIP is not a new offering in the marketplace; however, the actual solutions  (hardware and software) and our support of this        important functionality (i.e. Voice or communications) is extremely important to the livelihood of a small and medium-sized business.

Here are a few terms that you have probably heard when someone was talking about hosted VoIP:

  • Business VoIP: refers to services specifically created for businesses which is different than residential (home) VoIP. It’s much more customizable and requires higher level Quality of Service and connectivity.
  • Packet Loss: it occurs when the maximum capacity of bandwidth is reached and an internet connection becomes overloaded with data or traffic. If you’ve heard an echo when speaking on a VoIP phone, that’s packet loss in action. CMIT Voice doesn’t allow for more than 1-2% of packet loss which means a better connection and ease of communication on the phone.
  • Jitter: It can be recognized by a delay in your speech and/or the speech of
    the person to whom you are speaking.

Call CMIT Denver at 303-756-2648 for a complimentary, no obligation assessment of your network. The reports from our assessment tools and our “on the ground know-how” will allow us to determine if and how our hosted VoIP solution will work for your business.


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