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In the new movement of “Because I Said I Would“, Alex Sheen commented on his blog post that a promise is more impactful than a new year’s resolution. He made a comparison of the percentage of people who stick with (and not just for a month) their resolution versus making a promise that is in writing and being held accountable for it. Whatever you want to call it, just make sure to write it down, do it and let someone else know so you can be held accountable for your actions or lack thereof.

Well, CMIT Solutions of Denver has three suggestions for resolutions (and hopefully promises to yourself or your business) that should be made in 2014.

Besides resolving to spend more time with family and friends, getting fit and getting organized, have you made any New Year’s resolutions for your business?


Looking at your current computer network and reviewing your  past year’s network support and services, are you saying to yourself,  “I’m not going to let this happen again in 2014!” Do any of your
New Year’s resolutions include dealing with continually pesky computer network issues?

Do Your Resolutions Look Anything Like This?

¨ RESOLVED, double pinkie shake, I WILL get my critical company data automatically backed up offsite daily. Whether through fire, natural disaster, tape failure or just human error, I might lose all of my company data, which will cost me plenty.

¨ RESOLVED, I will take a serious look at cloud computing and all of the business benefits and potential savings the cloud offers for my business.

¨ RESOLVED, I will not tolerate subpar security policies or procedures for my company that put it in a high-risk category for being subject to cyber attacks that could cripple or completely wipe out my business.

FREE Technology Business Review Gets You On The Road To Keeping Your Resolutions And Eliminating Your Day-To-Day Computer Headaches.

To schedule a Technology Business Review today, simply call our office at 303-756-2648.

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Let Freedom Ring

CMIT Solutions of Denver is proud to announce its partnership and alliance with FreedomVoice and its hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) product, FreedomIQ. We have personally tested, reviewed, and queried our industry peers about other hosted VoIP solutions and elected to choose Freedom.


Peers in our SMB space in the IT services industry highly recommended the FreedomIQ business communications solution. We have already implemented it at our office and that of a client and are extremely happy with the training and customer care we have received on our behalf and for our client,” commented Debi Bush, CEO of CMIT Denver.

Each business has different variables and business needs that help us determine what phone or communications solution is best for them now and into the future.

“FreedomVoice is very excited to have CMIT Solutions of Denver as a new partner of ours in the world of VoIP,” exclaimed Bob Harrison, Regional Sales Manager—Western United States, at FreedomVoice.  “With their track record of success and history of delivering high customer satisfaction, we’re looking forward to working with them for years to come.“

Call CMIT Denver at 303-756-2648 for a free quote or consultation for our hosted VoIP solution, FreedomIQ.

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How many times have you heard or asked your self: “Why do people create viruses? Don’t they have anything better to do with their time?” I hear it ALL THE TIME, especially right after someone gets infected.

The answer is quite simple – Cybercrime is a very profitable business. That’s right, it is a business. There are web sites and companies set up to sell and support cybercrime. Organized crime cannot ignore it and neither should you. Want proof of how profitable?

I have written previously about a powerful infection, called CryptoLocker. The infection encrypts your data files (Word, Excel, PDF, others), rendering them unusable. The cyber criminal demands a ransom to decrypt the files, typically around $300. If you remove the infection, you also remove the link to the criminals who can no longer decrypt the files. To date, there is no known way to decrypt without the files; either pay the ransom, restore from a backup or lose the files.

Many people were refusing to pay the ransom, removing the infection and hopefully restoring from backup. But not everyone. The criminals, being business people, realized they were leaving money on the table by not giving people a second chance to recover their files. They set up a customer service desk (CryptoLocker Decryption Service). Can you believe the nerve of these people! Now they charged $2,000+ to help you get your files back.

You are probably thinking: “Not many people will pay that ransom, maybe a few hundred. How profitable can that be?” Wrong again. As of 12/22/13, Dell SecureWorks estimates there have been 250,000 infections. Millions of dollars have been traced to the ransomware’s money runners. In an online article from ZDNet, they estimate the take to be hundreds of millions of dollars. Sounds like a profitable venture to me. And this is just one example. There are literally hundreds of thousands of malware in the wild, wanting to find your computer, tablet and smartphone.

You can read the full ZDNet article at: http://www.zdnet.com/cryptolockers-crimewave-a-trail-of-millions-in-laundered-bitcoin-7000024579/?s_cid=e539&ttag=e539  This will lead you other excellent articles about CryptoLocker.

Cybercrime will not go away; too much money to be made. So you must be vigilante in protecting your computer. The paranoid will survive, most of the time.

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Being that it’s January (again), I thought that it would be useful to share some tips on decluttering your Outlook inbox. With a bit of focus on your part and helpful hints from Microsoft, you can prevent a lot of brain damage and distress by having a cleaner and less-cluttered inbox. We need to remind ourselves that a cluttered desk, home, and inbox are all signs of distraction.

Laurence J. Peter said, “If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, what is the significance of a clean desk?” Personally, I will attest to the fact that there’s an intangible benefit to a clean desk or inbox and that’s the feeling that there is order in your life, even if it’s just part of it.

Microsoft tells us that there are four (4) surefire ways to help in managing your inbox:

  1. Filter
    To filter your messages, tap or click View and then select one of the filter categories. For example, click Unread to see your unread messages, click Social updates to see messages that come from social networking sites like Facebook, or click Newsletters to find and clean newsletters out of your inbox.
  2. Sweep
    Use Sweep to move all email messages from a specific sender  into a folder. Select a message from a specific sender in your inbox, tap or click Sweep, and then click Move all from. On the next screen, select the folder you want to move the messages into. Or choose New folder to create a new folder for them.
    Select the Also move future messages check box to automatically move new email messages from that sender into the same folder.To delete all email messages from a specific sender, select a message, tap or click Sweep, and then click Delete all from. On the next screen, select the Also block future messages check box to delete all new messages from the email address, and then tap or click Delete all.
  3. Schedule cleanup
    Schedule cleanup automatically moves or deletes email from a specific sender after 10, 30, 60, or 90 days so you’ll only see more recent messages.

You can also choose to file messages from specific senders immediately so they go right into a folder and never get to your inbox. Here’s how to use Schedule cleanup:

    •           Choose an email in your inbox, then tap or click Sweep.
    •           Tap or click Schedule cleanup.
    •           Choose the options that work best for you.

4.  Instant Actions
With Outlook.com instant actions, you can flag messages for follow-up, delete them, or mark them as read with one click. You can also create and add your own instant actions, or remove the ones that you don’t want.

To use instant actions, point to an email and then click the icon for the action you want. When you point to the icon you’ll see text that tells you the action it corresponds to.

You can also customize instant actions. Click the Options icon Options icon, and then click More mail settings. Under Customizing Outlook, click Instant actions and choose which instant actions you want to see when you’re in your inbox.

If you don’t want to see the instant actions, clear the Show instant actions check box.

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