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Due to such positive response from our readers of our print (hard copy) newsletter, I am posting this article. More people can read it and take away something valuable, whatever they deem that valuable thing or golden nugget to be.


My Mom – Nancy Rosenthal

I would venture to say that most of us have hidden or untapped talents that may or may not be useful in our line of work.  But, you just don’t know the heights of success that you can achieve unless you extend yourself beyond your perceived comfort zone.

It’s time to ignite your courage and your untapped skills! Whether you implement a new strategy at work or with a service organization or even at home, you don’t know what you can do until you take that leap of faith.

For the month of July I was basically off two grids in my life – my CMIT Solutions business and Rotary. The third and most important grid – family – took a position front and center and on a 24/7 schedule. I learned really fast that I had to get beyond, way beyond, my comfort zone in being one of my mother’s caregivers for what ended up being her last month of life. I had to learn to do new things. There wasn’t a choice in the matter if I was to be there for my mother. It was the most challenging and at the same time rewarding experience of my life to be able to step up and give back.

As much as activities at work are not a matter of life or death, I would posit that any and all activities surrounding the health and well-being of your business—as well as your family—are critical. You and your colleagues need to get beyond your current comfort zones by trying new things, solutions or programs to fortify and grow your business. Also, strategies that have been successful in the past should be continued and possibly tweaked because things have changed in how and why people respond (e.g. with the advent of social media).

My mother, Nancy Rosenthal, was not a businesswoman nor a Rotarian like I am. However, Mom was an advocate for those who sought new opportunities and she challenged the status quo. If someone told her that she couldn’t do something for herself or on someone else’s behalf, the gauntlet was thrown down and you better watch out.

Too many times over the years, especially in my own business, I have been guilty of including tactics in my marketing plan and calendar and then not following through with the execution of them. Why is that?

The avoidance of getting out of your comfort zone when you absolutely don’t have to provides the excuse or rationalization that perhaps the tactic wouldn’t have made a difference had it been done. Conversely, if you were to treat such activities and projects as “life threatening” to your business, the fire would be lit beneath you to ignite you into action. Is this true for you?

Over the past fifteen months my mother was an inspiration to me, family members, caregivers and her doctors. For the month of July 2013, Mom’s status became elevated where her courage put life into a more refined perspective and outlook for those of us who stood by her. May her words, music and actions continue to be uplifting to me and even those who didn’t know her so that we may be better and stronger individuals.

“Always do what you are afraid to do.”

“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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A peer of mine recently did a short video for her clients on 2-Factor Authentication and she educated in layman’s terms. I decided to borrow from my friend, the marketing master, and provide you with some basics on 2-Factor Authentication that will increase your odds for keeping your data safe.

Two-factor authentication which is often abbreviated as 2FA will add an extra step to your secure login procedure. When you log into your computer, smartphone, Outlook or more, you may type in your User ID/Login and a Password.  This is known as Single Factor Authentication. With 2FA, there is a third field to be completed which, in theory, will make your account more secure. There are companies like Twitter or Google who are likely targets for corporate hacking and there will never be a full-proof security solution.

2FA_SecureID_tokenAccording to a C/NET article by Seth Rosenblatt in May 2013, two-factor authentication is not new which does not mean that it’s easier to login with 2FA. You figure that the longer a solution like this has been around, the easier it will be for the end user. 2FA makes it more difficult for a hacker and may discourage him from trying to hack your account. You have probably seen or even used a rectangular or key-shaped hardware device that provides a secure ID. I know that my husband used one in his days at Bell Labs and Lucent. The code would last for thirty (30) seconds and then change.

The device which is commonly referred to as a “token” can be multiple use for having 2FA accompanied by “hard-disk encryption, email signing, and more.” [excerpt from RSA SecureID website]. With RSA SecureID, there are different levels of tokens or authenticators partially due to the type of device or card-like device or if it’s single or multiple function for authentication as well as customization for your company.

This is not an endorsement of RSA SecureID which is owned by EMC nor is it a guarantee that it is the correct solution for you or your firm. This firm is well-known in the 2FA field and industry.

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As we get closer to entering the last quarter of most companies’ fiscal year, I thought that it would be helpful to share an option for your technology setup that could be financially beneficial.

If you dread writing checks for a network upgrade because it hits your cash flow in a big way, then you’ll want to look into HaaS or “Hardware as a Service.”

Haas-2HaaS is becoming a more common option for businesses because it allows you to pay for ALL your IT services – hardware, installation, security, backups, applications, Internet, etc. – as a flat fee service, thereby eliminating the heavy cash-flow hit for upgrading or expanding a computer network and giving you the ability to write off 100% of your IT expenses without having to depreciate those assets over time. Additionally, your IT provider takes total responsibility for the maintenance of your network.

HaaS is particularly popular with start-ups who need to direct the majority of their cash towards marketing, but many businesses are opting for HaaS over installing a traditional network because:

     1) No More Expensive Surprise Upgrades. With HaaS, your computers are automatically replaced with new ones every 3-4 years, ensuring compatibility with almost any software refresh. No end-of-lease buyouts of outdated equipment or ever having to re-lease equipment again.

  2) Warranties Are A Thing of The Past. With a HaaS program, you get your equipment AND the service included in the monthly cost. Anything that goes wrong with the computer (like the inevitable computer crash just days after your warranty expires) is our problem to resolve. Plus, since HaaS computers are replaced on a regular schedule, you don’t have to settle for refurbished parts or old computers for long.

3) One Easy Invoice. Purchasing via a HaaS program is like having a condo. You get control of what goes in it, but don’t have to worry about maintenance, building code issues, or updating the façade. Everything in one low monthly fee.

Looking to upgrade equipment while saving cash? Email us to learn more about HaaS and find out if it’s right for you.

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