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It’s that time of year (and it’s almost gone so take heed)when business owners from all over are scrambling to make any last minute purchases they can to lighten the tax burden for 2012. One of the things many tax-savvy businesses do is purchase new office and computer equipment that will be needed within the next few months NOW so they can deduct the expense on the current year’s taxes [Section 179]. If you are planning to upgrade your server or network now or in the new year, here are 4 things you might want to look into before making any decisions:

1. Cloud computing. Cloud technologies are far beyond “hype.” They offer real, tangible benefits to businesses, including improved disaster recovery and backup, easier access to data remotely, reduced IT complexities, fewer problems and, in many cases, a cost savings because you don’t have to buy a server and keep it in your office closet anymore. Cloud is definitely not a right fit for everyone, but you should at least consider this as one of your options.

2. HaaS. In case you haven’t heard enough acronyms in the IT industry, let me give you one more: HaaS or “Hardware as a Service.” Simply, HaaS is an option to “rent” hardware on a low monthly basis instead of purchasing it outright. This eliminates the hefty cash drain for a network upgrade and allows you to pay for hardware as a service. It also puts the burden of repair and replacement on the shoulders of your IT company (us) to keep your equipment up and running.  You do end up paying more in the long run (as you would if you leased a car or bought a house on payments) but the ease on cash flow makes this a better option for some people.

Hardware as a Service - standardization and no worries

3. Windows 8. Microsoft’s latest operating system is making headlines with its completely new look and feel. Speak with your IT staff to determine when your company should upgrade to Windows 8. The new user interface is exciting; however, there is a learning curve involved.

Windows 8-start-screen

4.  Our Year-End Bonus Program! All during the month of December, we’re offering our CMIT clients a significant savings of $497 off the cost of our Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan. The cost of the plan will vary by client due to size, complexity of the business. This will save you hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars in IT services and support because your business can’t afford NOT to have this plan. But to get it with the special savings, you MUST call us before 12/28/12 to commit to this project and schedule the first meeting. For the full details call Debi at 303-756-2648, extension 3210 or send an email.

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CMIT Solutions is an advocate for businesses to “Stand Up For Productivity!” Come and join us in our Revolution to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability in the workplace.

According to Moore’s Law, computing speed doubles every two years. So, why do we still spend so much time waiting? Waiting on hold for tech support. Waiting for the IT guy to show up. Waiting to get our work done. All this time and money just…waiting.

Isn’t it time we said “enough?” Isn’t it time that owners of small and mid-size businesses said “No to the status quo” and actually change the way we do IT?

Learn more from our video clips and from our CMIT Solutions of Denver team as to how you can Stand Up For Productivity and have a solid technology foundation for your business.

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In today’s crazy-busy world, who doesn’t want to cram more “done” into your day? We’ve got 3 really simple things you can do to get more work done for the hours you’re putting in.

Dual Monitors Makes You Productive1. Use dual monitors. According to a University of Utah study, you can increase your efficiency by 25% just by adding a second monitor. Performance measures included task time, editing time, number of edits completed, number of errors made, as well as usability measures evaluating effectiveness, comfort, learning ease, time to productivity, quickness of recovery from mistakes, ease of task tracking, ability to maintain task focus, and ease of movement among sources. All of these factors combined show truly increased productivity.

2. Block social media sites and/or other non-work related content online. THIS one won’t be popular for a lot of people, but if you want to get more done, then take the distractions out of your day. Of course if your job is “social media director” for your company, this doesn’t apply; for all the other workers in your office who don’t NEED to go on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to do their job, this will remove the temptation to “snack” on social media sites throughout the day, which add up to hours wasted on entertainment surfing. Content filtering software can easily manage which sites you can and cannot go online to view, also keeping employees from gambling, searching for jobs, reading the news or visiting sex sites.

3. Set up remote access. It’s incredibly easy to access files, e-mail and programs from home (or while on the road) these days using cloud technologies or other remote access applications. Not only does this allow people to keep working when forced to stay home with sick kids or to wait for the plumber to show up, but employees would also put in several more hours of work on their own initiative if they could easily jump on their home PC and put in a few hours.

Each of these is an EASY fix for us to implement. If you want more details on how to get these implemented into your business, just give us a call at 303-756-2648, extension 3210 or shoot Debi an

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With the start of a new year just a couple weeks away, it’s a good time for business owners to review their technology roadmap, including service agreements. Work with your technology team to prepare for 2013 by scheduling time (or, reminders for yourself) to:

  • Renew support agreements for important line-of-business (LoB) applications. LoB applications are software specific to your industry. If you use an application without which your business would cease to operate, having on-demand technical support is a must.
  • Extend warranties on important hardware and budget to replace equipment that is nearing the end of its service life.
  • Test and, if necessary, replace Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) batteries.
  • Renew domain name registrations and/or website hosting packages.
  • Renew SSL certificates.
  • Renew Microsoft open licenses (ask your IT team what this means).
  • Review your internet provider and cell phone agreements for your business (or at least make sure when they expire so you can review closer to that time).
  • Consider refreshing items that are nearing the end of their leasing periods (e.g. phones, copiers, servers, etc.).

Most of these items don’t necessarily have to happen on January 1st, but the start of a new year is an excellent time to plan ahead. At CMIT Solutions of Denver we track many of these warranty or agreements that are tied to your technology environment in our industry line of business program which means we help you plan and budget for associated costs.

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