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Here I am writing this article on a Saturday morning before I embark upon my annual CMIT convention pilgrimage.  One thing I tend to do when working on the weekend at my office is to sign in to Pandora.com or Sirius XM to listen to Broadway tunes. The first tune that came on was from “Annie” and the tune was “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile.” If all of us could have this as a mantra, we’d all be in a better place. Don’t you think?

US Supreme Court - Washington DCAt the time of this writing (Saturday the 21st) April had been a very happy month for me and there was plenty about which to smile. I am very optimistic that there will be a final report in my May e-newsletter to recap lessons learned and achievements at the convention. The Bush family had a fantastic spring break vacation in Washington, D.C. as you can see in this photo in front of the Supreme Court. We had a private tour there which made it all so memorable—we were full of smiles. I had no idea that the Supreme Court didn’t have its own building until 1935; they didn’t teach that to me in Constitutional Law class in college. We saw the memorials and some of the Smithsonian museums—great sights and a great amount of walking to complement that.

Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk) and MeFrom D.C. I flew directly to Nashville for my annual IT Sales & Marketing Boot Camp. We had insightful, energizing and top notch speakers there to inspire us to do better and with focus. Patrick “Lips” Houlahan, part of the Afterburner team, taught us about flawless execution which doesn’t mean that mistakes won’t happen. It means that we need to anticipate all that can go right and wrong and debrief at the end. All of the speakers had smiles on their faces. Lou Ferrigno (photo on right) had physical and emotional challenges early in his life and look at him now. All of the speakers have had serious challenges at some point in their lives and it was their attitude, fortitude and putting themselves in the right place and with good people that made them succeed.

Have you ever heard or read that it is critical to surround yourself with positive and happy people? My Pitbulls accountability group seen here (we were missing two of our members) at Boot Camp gave me an extra boost by presenting me with a plaque of appreciation for leading the group this past year. I was surprised and humbled and it reminded me that I have a lot of people watching out for me. They are a source of encouragement and inspiration.

Pitbulls Rock!

I am very blessed because not only do I have my Pitbulls; I have my CMIT Pacesetters mastermind group for which I am now a Co-Dean for the next 2 years. They have become more than colleagues or peers; it feels more like best friends or family. What’s not to smile about when I have regular opportunities to interact and bond with such quality individuals who, when brought together, make a wonderful team.

Wishing you an unbelievable and very positive May and into June that are filled with smiles each and every day! Success will follow!

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On a regular basis I come upon businesses who want to know about the viability of moving to Google Docs so, for the most part, they can save on Microsoft licensing costs. Businesses have been 40+ employees of a for-profit and 10 person non-profit. It’s all over the place.

It’s important to ask “Why.” OK, it’s always important to ask “Why” in the world of business or even one’s personal life. We should have learned this from the time when our kids were toddlers and continually asking “why.” So, why does the organization want to move to or at least consider moving to Google Docs? Is it the perception out there that it’s better than what they have and not just because it’s almost free? Or, maybe the company has some free-thinking people who like to play around and have open source products. It’s not always what we think.

Microsoft Office Web Apps 

Back in March I received one of my many and frequent emails from Microsoft that compared using Office Web Apps to Google Docs. It was very enlightening and therefore I am sharing it with you.

Click here to watch a fun video that demonstrates a key differentiator when it comes to keeping the style of your document. Then, click on each of the next links that give you a great visual as to a stark difference between Office Web Apps and Google Docs.

Open In Excel Web App

Open In Google Docs 

I encourage you to sit down with your IT people if you have a fleeting thought about moving away from Microsoft Office. The integration of all of your Microsoft applications is unmatched with the competitors. Let them ask you “Why” you are initiating the discussion. It’s not solely a technology decision; it’s a business decision that will affect your productivity and quality of work.

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This isn’t quite the same as watching Dorothy following the Yellow Brick Road with her friends (you know, Lions & Tigers & Bears, oh my). But, it does bring to light the fact that your business may have a slew of devices and tools – and pretty cool even – that are used in your conference or board room that may not be as efficient as you’d like them to be.

Here are some examples of those devices and most are from high quality vendors:

  • A ceiling mounted InFocus projector that will shine on a retractable screen on the far wall
  • 3M oversized Post-It notes are even a handy tool to use. Just write on them and plunk them on a wall.
  • A Whiteboard the length/width of a conference room wall. Add dry erase markers and an eraser to that.
  • A Polycom grey conference phone in the middle of your beautiful conference table
  • A Tandberg video conferencing unit

What if, just what if, you could combine these tools and consolidate them into a single device?

“So it is written, so it shall be done.” – Yul Brynner as the Pharoah in The Ten Commandments.

CMIT Solutions has an answer – it’s a 55″ giant touchscreen tablet called the Mondo Pad from InFocus (the projector people) and is part of our CMIT Impression program on visual collaboration. In this case, consolidation is a great thing of which you can be a participant.

CMIT Presents the Mondo Pad - It's All Your Board Room Needs, Other Than YouPresent.



This giant touch tablet that puts everything you need at your fingertips to visually present, capture and share ideas with meeting participants in your conference room and around the world.


Be productive and have fun doing it and at a good value!

Use familiar tools such as Windows 7, Microsoft Officeand your Line of Business applications.

It can be used like a whiteboard BUT you will never run out of space for all the ideas that are flowing and need to be captured.

According to CNET Crave, “The Mondopad’s aim is to drain the boring out of business meetings.”

Curious? Intrigued? Or like the idea of using our MondoPad for a lot of great work and some play? Give us a call at 303-756-2648, extension 3210 or email us to request a personal demo. You won’t be sorry. Just follow CMIT Denver’s  Yellow Brick road to a new world of wonders in technology and business!

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