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During a four hour layover at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany, I had plenty of time to reflect on my experiences of my 10 days in Florence, Italy. I attended two Rotary club meetings, 5 meetings with American study abroad university programs, spent quality time with 4 long-time (28 years and longer) friends and logged a lot of steps on my FitBit pedometer. OK, I admit that I enjoyed some pretty good food too.

Personal reflections:

  • I observed that an international organization such as Rotary can have the same mission and purpose, yet still do some things differently that adapt to the culture of the country or environment.
  • American students in Florence look and sound a bit dif-ferent from my experience of 30 years ago; however, they
    are there for the same reason – to expand their horizons.
  • Sustaining long-lasting friendships doesn’t just happen. There is a lot of care and nurturing and “give and take” from both parties.
  • To make a great pizza, you need a superb Pizzaiolo (pizza chef below on left) as well as an enthusiastic team of helpers (below on right) and a great wood burning oven.



Think  about how my 4 reflections from my recent trip relate to you and your company’s success. How do the ideas transpose? What does it mean for you? Is there something to change in how you will do or look at things for 2012?

My Italian friend, Daniela, her husband Fabio (the Pizzaiolo) and their friends consistently meet every Saturday night to make pizza (at least 25) and to gather as friends. The keys for a successful pizza outing (i.e. meeting) seem to include pur-chasing quality ingredients, having the wood burning oven at the right temperature, the right leader as Pizzaiolo and a team of (technically) experienced workers. Last and far from least is that all participants have a great time and want to keep coming back each and every Saturday night (client retention). I would enjoy being part of this team; I wonder if they give me an honorary membership.

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Now more than ever businesses need to improve productivity, be more efficient with their time, and respond quickly to customers’ needs to stay competitive.  Connecting Windows® Phone  to the cloud offering of Microsoft® Office 365 can help your company affordably improve communication and sharing information, whether in the office or on the go.**

Windows Phone is uniquely designed to bring together what you care about most. It is the only phone with Microsoft Outlook® Mobile and Microsoft Office Mobile built in. With the new Windows Phone you can work seamlessly with Office 365 email, instant messaging, and team sites. 

Stay organized and connected
Organize work, connect with people, and get things done faster with seamless email, instant messaging, and document sharing on Office 365.

  • Experience the fastest setup to Office 365 on the Windows Phone
  • Get things done faster with email, calendar, contacts, and tasks through Outlook Mobile
  • Reach coworkers in real time with voice, instant messaging, SMS, or email

Act on the latest information
Enable workers to respond to business needs faster by giving them anywhere access to colleagues, contacts, and latest documents on Office 365.

  • Access and share important information with clients and partners
  • Keep documents up-to-date with Office Mobile
  • Manage your team’s important documents online by using SharePoint® Workspace Mobile to ensure that the latest versions are always at hand

Protect your business information
Help protect information with password policies and remote wiping capability while retaining documents synced and stored on Office 365.

We’d love to tell you more about Windows Phone! I enjoy using mine and having tight integration with my Microsoft Office programs.  Contact us today! And have the opportunity to get a new Windows Phone at a discounted price at our local Microsoft Store at Park Meadows.

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In previous articles and blog posts, I have written about Microsoft’s OneNote application. It’s really user friendly and will remind you of the good ol’ days of using a 3 ring binder with dividers. As Microsoft wrote in a recent email “The use of Microsoft OneNote can be highly addictive.” It’s easy to use and not so easy to stop using. And, you can sync it into the cloud with Windows SkyDrive. I even have OneNote on my Windows 7.5 cell phone.

Once you start using OneNote to create digital notebooks of your notes and ideas, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Before you know it, you’ll be looking for reasons to create more notebooks – work or school reports, home projects, and who knows what else.

What will hook you on OneNote:

  • OneNote helps bring together your digital information (notes, photos, videos, web links, etc.) into easy-to-edit notebooks.
  • OneNote makes it easy to share your notebooks and work together in real time with other OneNote users.
  • The OneNote Web App and OneNote Mobile allow you to access and add to your notebooks from virtually anywhere.*

If your office has not yet standardized (i.e. upgraded) to Office 2010, you still have two weeks left to buy the licenses [ CMIT Solutions can help] and take advantage of the tax breaks for software purchases using Section 179.

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My colleague Evan Stein, President of CMIT Solutions of Wall Street & Grand Central (he told me to take full credit and I just couldn’t), used the following greeting in his holiday cards to his clients. I immediately asked permission to share it with my readers. Enjoy and wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season!

Twas the night of the deadline
The systems were choking
I had twelve programs open
My computer was smoking

Emails wouldn’t send
Excel wouldn’t add
My desktop had blue-screened
Someone stole my iPad

From down the hall “Just reboot it”
Someone shouted aloud
But there’s no server here
We had moved to the cloud

But then on my screen
The cursor did fly
A Log Me In session
It was the IT guy

He wiped out the virus
And patched Windows 7
Upgraded my iTunes
While Jobs smiled down from heaven

And I heard him tweet loudly
As he ended our call
“Whether Mac or PC
Happy Holidays to All”

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