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We have experienced a lot of success recently here at CMIT Denver – individual team members and the team overall. This is very exciting considering only six years ago it was Phil and Debi Bush and some very part-time techs and trainers.

We now number 10, count’em 10, team members.  There are six people on our service delivery team (Brent, Michael, John, David, Geoff and Mount); two on our administrative team (Gayle, Andrea); and of course Phil and Debi Bush as owners. 

October has been big for our team: Brent received news that he passed the Colorado Bar and the Patent Bar exams!! He will continue to do project work for us and some specific client support work.  Andrea is our newest team member where she is working as our marketing administrator on a part-time basis. Once again, we have found a treasure from the University of Denver (DU). Our service delivery team is working on new Microsoft competencies (we have the tried and true real life experience) and now we will get the certification to validate it.

Business has been busier than ever with new projects, new clients and new prospective clients. Remember, if you know of a business of 10 or more computer users (one or multiple locations), we sincerely appreciate referrals and introductions. This continues to be our strongest “channel.” Lastly, it is also exciting to see the growth in the CMIT Solutions presence in the Denver metro area to where we have 8 CMIT offices up and down the Colorado front range.

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A long time friend and former client of mine, Bob, forwarded me a USA Today article about small businesses and the benefits of outsourcing their IT support and management. The beauty of modern day technology was front and center. Bob lives in Poland and on a regular basis he forwards me articles and tidbits of interest. Thank you Bob! Come back and visit us in Denver.

Here is what I took away from the article coupled with my experience as a small business owner and a provider of outsourced IT services to small businesses (up to 150 employees).

  • Technology is ever-changing and it is challenging even for the experienced technicians to keep up with the newest solutions. The CEO of CompTIA (the Computing Technology Industry Association) said that “it’s this feeling that you’re falling behind constantly. There is so much change out there and business owners often have much ‘fear and frustration’ as they try to keep up.” I would say that it is hard to keep up with technology when that is not your focus and where your talents should be used. Remember, do what you are good at and at what you love (and for your business, that which will bring more money to the bottom line).
  • 1/4 of small business owners handle their company’s tech support. This is scary to me. Many owners may think they are ordering the right server (the correct specifications); however, they don’t know about the importance of redundant power supplies and such.
  • Business owners (and key decision makers) should consider seeking outside assistance. CMIT Denver has hired others to do administrative and financial tasks for our business (we the owners are not good at these tasks and shouldn’t be spending our time struggling with it). And, just like those firms that bring on CMIT Denver as their technology partner (which includes when the firm has internal IT staff), the firms have decided that seeking IT assistance is an investment, not an expense, in keeping the business running smoothly.
  • Consider more than price. How many times do I hear decision makers and owners state that price is the key factor for making a decision. Yet, when they hire cheap IT assistance, they more often than not, get what they pay for. An IT firm owner said in the article to “Ask, ‘What kinds of services can I expect?’ You shouldn’t think about price first. First find out what the company can do for you. Be open minded. In the end you may pay 10% more, but you could get 50% more capability.”

CMIT Solutions has entered into business relationships as the technology partner and advisor, not the computer geek. This article hints at the same thing. Without getting overly promotional, we do leverage our team, relationships within our CMIT system, our national and local vendors, and even peers (competitors).

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

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Have you heard of Napoleon Hill? Mr. Hill’s name is touted in all business circles 70 years or more after the printing of his book, Think and Grow Rich. Andrew Carnegie paid for Napoleon Hill to research what made the most successful people a success. Until five years ago, I had never heard of him. Since then, I hear his name bandied about and referenced by top business and motivational speakers. Well, Mr. Hill is no longer with us yet his spirit and messages are all around us.

Thank you to Mike Brooks,  Mr. Inside Sales, for his recent article that was in the Napoleon Hill e-newsletter. This article may reinforce what you already know and maybe haven’t used as much as you could.

Success in sales, as in all of life, starts by first developing and maintaining an expectant attitude of success. Simply put, all top performers expect that they are going to succeed, and because of this they consistently take the actions that lead them to achieve their goals and become successful.

It is their mental attitudes that allow them to meet obstacles, setbacks and temporary failures with a new resolve to keep trying, or to try something different, until they succeed. That’s what makes them top 20% producers.

The other 80%, on the other hand, expect things to be difficult, have already accepted that they might not succeed, and they are easily discouraged when things don’t go their way. This attitude allows them to justify and accept the results they get.

If you are serious about changing your career and your life, then get in the practice of working on your mental attitude first. Adopt these 5 mental attitudes of winners to powerfully change your ways of thinking and to permanently change your results.

1) Understand the law. There are many absolute laws in the universe – the law of gravity, the laws of mathematics, etc. The most powerful law in terms of your success is the law of attraction. In short, whatever you hold in your consciousness you will manifest in your life.

So if you don’t like your results, then look at their source (your thoughts, expectations and beliefs), and work on changing those first. Once you do, your results will automatically change.

2) Stop blaming. So many people blame the economy, the leads, their territory, their boss, their family, etc., for their failure. But the truth is this: You are 100% responsible for your life and your results. Winners accept this and that’s where their power comes from. When you accept 100% responsibility you then gain access to 100% of the solutions.

3) Stop struggling. Success is easy because all results are simply an out picturing (a physical manifestation) of what we hold in our consciousness (our beliefs). The reason most people struggle (and fail) is because they try to achieve something without first changing their mental attitudes.

Winners recognize and work on changing their attitudes and beliefs and expectations first, and then they easily and naturally take the actions that lead to the achievement of their goals.

4) Live life’s formula. Most people live under the false belief that if they HAVE a lot of money, then they would DO the things that would allow them to BE happy. This is totally backward.

The real formula for success is to first “BE”– act, feel and live in your mind as if you had already achieved your goal – and then you will naturally DO the things (take the actions) that will enable you to HAVE what you want. This is life’s true formula and the sooner you live it, the sooner you’ll experience success.

5) Stop worrying. All thoughts turn into things. If you constantly worry about not having enough money, you will never have enough money. If instead you develop a money consciousness (see the banner at the end of this ezine for MP3 hypnosis recordings to help you do this), then you will attract all the money you need. Believe me, there is enough money in the world for you to have the things you want!

Carefully monitor your thoughts right before you fall asleep at night and first thing in the morning. Then ask yourself, “What am I asking from the universe every single day?” Chances are, what you are dwelling on has already shown up in your life.

I hope these 5 mental attitudes of winners resonated with you. Like gravity, they work in and on your life whether you consciously practice them or not. The key is to understand and use them purposefully to achieve the results you want. Once you do, you will manifest success just like the top 20% do.

Mike Brooks, President
Inside Sales training/coaching/consulting
Direct Contact(818) 999-0869

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