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When I was at the newly opened Microsoft store two days ago, I came across a new gadget that intrigued me. There were a lot of gadgets and great technology to be inspired by at the store; however, this was completely new to me. As someone who understands and believes in the value of leveraging relationships and technology to benefit our clients’ businesses, I am often times on the lookout for new avenues of leverage.

Get fit with Fitbit technologyThis time, I came across the Fitbit – a device the size of a jump drive – that helps people (individuals, couples, families) to be proactive in managing their personal wellness. CMIT Solutions has its own proactive technology wellness program, CMIT Marathon that manages and maintains the health and welfare of a business’ technology environment. Similar to CMIT Marathon but in a downscaled way, the Fitbit is able to track activity (in this case physical activity), quality of sleep (this keeps you charged and energized for the following day to be productive) and calories/food can be tracked. You can even collaborate with friends and family and be held accountable. Have your own fitness mastermind group!

Just as our tracking, trending and reporting for CMIT Marathon provides us the insights to see positive and negative trends, Fitbit allows you to see the trends and progress with its computer ( PC and Mac) synchronization.

All of us should want to be “in the game” for the whole marathon which means that our odds increase as our wellness improves. How I love analogizing technology and personal stories and insights!

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   Office 2010 ProOffice 2010 came out last month and there have been significant 
   enhancements made from Office 2007. Over the next several months I want to introduce you to different aspects of the Office 2010 suite. If you will be upgrading your computer or that of a colleague’s, these tidbits and educational insights will help with the transition. Don’t be scared – be excited!


Let’s start with Outlook since everyone uses email, contacts and calendars on a regular and frequent basis.

  1. Manage multiple e-mail accounts from one place.
    Synchronize multiple e-mail accounts from services such as Hotmail, Gmail, or just about any other provider to Outlook 2010.
  2. Manage large volumes of email with ease.
    Conversation View in Outlook 2010 improves the tracking of e-mail conversations—reducing information overload—and helps you manage large amounts of e-mail with ease. Entire conversations can be condensed or categorized with a single click.
  3. Customize common tasks into single-click commands.
  4. Make scheduling a breeze.
    Conveniently and efficiently schedule appointments, share your calendar availability and manage your work schedule.
  5. Search to easily find what you’re looking for.
    The enhanced Search Tools provide you with ways to quickly find and manage large quantities of e-mail, calendar, and contact items.
  6. Create e-mail messages that capture attention.
  7. Stay connected to your social and business networks.
    Outlook 2010 is your hub for friends, family, and colleagues. Use Outlook Social Connector while in Outlook.
  8. Ensure that your e-mail messages get to the intended audience.
    With the new MailTips feature, you’re alerted when you are about to send e-mail to a large distribution list, to someone who is out of the office or to individuals outside the organization.
  9. Receive voice mail previews in your Inbox.
    With Outlook 2010 and new technology in Exchange Server 2010, a voice-to-text preview of a recorded voice message is sent along with the voice mail recording directly to your Inbox.
  10. Initiate live conversations from Outlook.
    Hover over a name, see their availability and then easily initiate a conversation directly through instant messaging.

Next month we will look at another program in the Office 2010 suite!

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