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This article was in Small Business Trends earlier this month and authored by Lisa Barone. It struck me since I have been writing e-newsletters for 5 1/2 years and print newsletters for more than a few years. I hope that you get at least one golden nugget from this that may be helpful to your business or just forward it on to others.

5 Ways Email Newsletters Can Build Your SMB

 Though new technologies may have emerged, email newsletters are still one of the strongest marketing channels small business owners have in their arsenal. There’s something about the intimacy of an email newsletter that fosters personal relationships and communication better than even blogs can. If you’ve abandoned your newsletter for social media or were never quite sure of the value, here are five ways that creating an email newsletter can build your small business.

  1.  Newsletters Build Your Audience. Email newsletters don’t require you to be technically savvy and therefore are an easier forum for communication.
  2. Newsletters Build Customer Loyalty. There is more often than not greater consistency with newsletters than blog or twitter posts.
  3. Newsletters Build Trust.  “A visitor’s inbox is their trusted zone. And when you appear there on a regular basis, providing good content, you enable them to trust your brand and what you’re offering.”
  4. Newsletters Build Top of Mind. “One of the most powerful things newsletters can do for a small business is to build top of mind at a very low cost.”
  5. Newsletters Build Product Exposure. CMIT Solutions of Denver has used e-newsletters for educating our readership on business and technology topics that are intertwined.

To read the article in its entirety, click here.

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Are you swimming in a morass of paper contracts, forms, and other documents that you can’t throw away? Would you like a much faster and easier way to locate important documents in your office that doesn’t require sifting, sorting and digging through piles and piles of folders? Are you concerned about losing or misplacing important document originals? If so, you should consider going paperless.

Just 15 minutes a day of paper shuffling equates to a FULL work week of non-productive time per year. Thanks to incredible advancements in document imaging and management, even the small home office user can greatly benefit from new document management solutions that are both super easy to use and incredibly affordable.

A few of the key benefits are:

 Find documents in seconds with a few short clicks of your mouse.

 Never lose or misplace important documents.

 Completely eliminate bulky file cabinets that take up office space.

 Comply with government regulations for storing and securing sensitive information.

 Protect your documents from fire, water, spilled coffee, tears, and destruction.

  Streamline operational processes.

 Eliminate the confusion of having multiple copies of the same document.

 Easily share documents with remote employees, clients, and colleagues.

 Save money on storage.

FREE “Clear  The Clutter” Assessment

Want to clean up your act? Our “Clear The Clutter” document management assessment (FREE until July 14th) can help. We’ll evaluate your current paper system and help you determine if document management is right for you. There is absolutely no cost or obligation to buy anything when you request this assessment, and we guarantee zero sales pressure. Our meeting will purely be one of discovery and education for you.

To find our more, call Debi or email now to schedule your Clear the Clutter assessment:
303-756-2648 (CMIT)

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This may seem odd (but maybe not) that I am recognizing the 63rd anniversary of Italy having become a Republic on June 2nd. If you have been receiving my e-newsletters for a decent amount of time, you know that I have a passion for the country, its people and culture, and the amazing  accomplishments over the centuries/millenia. Most people probably think that Italy has always been a country as it is today. It was an empire as well as made up of self-governing regions and even a kingdom last ruled by Victor Emanuel II. 

Like many countries and businesses, Italy has gone through its planning and start-up phase and the different parts of a life-cycle such as youth and growth, maturity and even a decline. And, it experienced its own rebirth or Renaissance too. Similarly to how the various iterations of Italy and its people had to deal with outside forces (other countries invading, plague, fascism), the recent recession has affected so many businesses and individuals.  Thinking “out of the box” and “looking for other opportunities or lines of business” have become frequently heard phrases by business owners in order to weather the storm and come out even stronger than before.

Since CMIT Denver’s founding in June 2004, our business has grown despite some challenges along the way and thrived with the evolution of the CMIT Solutions nationwide system. We want our clients to thrive and grow.  Our focus will always be on the growth of our clients’ respective businesses by leveraging existing or new technologies. We do our best to sit down with our clients and have regular business discussions and some questions that I have been asking is “What can we do to help your business grow? What do I need to be listening for when out and about? Who would be an ideal client for you?”

Let’s celebrate the anniversaries of our clients – not just CMIT’s or Italy’s!

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