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Brent Lindon - Technical Consultant ExtraordinaireAs you may or may not know, one of our Senior Technical Consultants, Brent Lindon, has been with CMIT Solutions of Denver for over 3 1/2  years. All that time he has also been going to DU Law School in the evenings. (We know he has done remote server loads from his laptop while sitting in class but don’t tell his professors). Now, he is about to graduate from law school.

Brent has grown very dear to us and to many of you. We will all miss him and wanted to let everyone know. We also want to recognize and thank Brent’s wife, Heather, who has been completely supportive of Brent working for us. It is no surprise that Brent will be helping us in the evenings while studying for the Colorado Bar Exam over the next couple of months.

His dedication is solid and always has a smile on his face. (That is one of our firm’s tenets). Brent is very smart  as you know, so if you know of any local firms that could use a good man as an attorney, let them know he is available. As much as we hate to lose him as a consultant, we are behind him enthusiastically to launch his legal career where he plans to leverage what he has learned while at CMIT Denver and his previous work experiences including his civilian work for the U.S. Navy.

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To Guarantee Your Business Could Be Back Up and Running In  The Event of a Data-Erasing Disaster

Can’t afford to be down for days? Then take heed to these 3 easy (but critical!) steps to make sure you never have to experience extended downtime, data loss or corruption:

  1. Keep an on-site AND off-site copy of your data. You never want to rely solely on an on-site backup. If a fire, flood, natural disaster or burglary happens, you’re out of luck. Plus, it’s smart to have a backup of your backup – especially when it comes to your businesses data!
  2. Throw your old tape-drive backups out the window! If you’re still using tape drive backups you could be in for a HUGE surprise when you try to pull the data off of them. Tapes are highly volatile and have a failure rate of 100%. ALL tape drives fail at some point, and often without warning. Plus swapping tapes is a major pain! There are far easier and more reliable ways to backup your data. If you want some suggestions, please call our office (303-756-2648).
  3. Image your server and workstations. Imaging your server and workstations is similar to taking a “snapshot” or “picture” of your hard drive. Not only does it make a copy of the information (data) that is stored on them, but it also makes a copy of all the software programs, personal settings, favorites, desktop icons, network settings, printer configurations and EVERYTHING exactly as it is in your current computer. This will enable you to be back up and running in 90 minutes versus days because rebuilding a server that has crashed, burned or been otherwise incapacitated takes time, a lot of time.

Wouldn't it be nice?!  What is time worth to your business and your peace of mind? How much would be lo$t if you were down for a few days? DO THE MATH! It’s not pretty.

Don’t Insist On Staying Home and At Work Instead of Going on Vacation with Your Family!

If you would like to make double sure that you have the right system in place to guarantee business continuity, please reach out to us. If you are someone whose business and its viability is important, call us and CMIT Solutions of Denver will conduct a Disaster Recovery Checkup. It is always advisable to revisit your disaster recovery and business continuity plans for your business regarding how your technology plays a part and to ensure that you are ready should anything happen to your business.

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According to a Gartner research poll,

  • Only 32% of companies have completed a restore from tape
  • Of those 32%, 71% of them did not experience a ‘clean’ restore. In other words, they couldn’t retrieve their data.

For those businesses SOLELY relying on backup of their critical “I must have this data all the time” data to external hard drives,  those businesses need to be think about:

  • One point of failure exists when there is only one method for backup
  • How often is that external hard drive taken offsite and where is it being taken?
  • Are you getting a backup or just copying over files?

CMIT Solutions of Denver frequently stresses that one (1) form of data backup is like ZERO. Two forms of data backup are like having ONE backup and so forth. The importance of having a solid onsite and offsite backup of your business’ “can’t be without” data is something to ponder if you haven’t already. AND, think about how much time your business can really truly be down – not functioning – if you were to lose your data or not have access to it for an indeterminate amount of time?

You may want to ask us about CMIT Guardian, a solid business continuity program to keep your business protected and with limited downtime. Also take time to schedule a review of your disaster recovery and business continuity plans with your technology partner.

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I believe that one of my colleagues on the Microsoft SBSC Advisory Board used this in one of his recent e-newsletters. Since I thought you might benefit, I am providing the information to you. This article’s source if from Microsoft at Work. The article in its entirety is available at the bottom of this article.

Take care of your laptop and the batteryHave you ever run out of battery power on your mobile PC during a meeting or a class? Have you worried about running out of power while waiting to meet with a client? Have you asked yourself how much longer your battery will last? Sufficient battery life is a persistent challenge for mobile PC users. But Windows offers several ways to help maximize the battery life of your mobile computer.

  • Optimize Your Power Settings
  • Take Advantage of Low-Power States including Sleep (Standby) and Hibernation
  • Adjust Screen Brightness
  • Turn Off Wireless
  • Turn Off Scheduled Tasks
  • Keep the Use of Tools in the Notification Bar to a Minimum
  • Limit Power-Intensive Activities
  • Add Memory
  • Carry At Least 1 Spare Battery
  • Charge Your Battery Often
  • Completely Drain Nickel-Based Batteries

Click here to read this article in its entirety. It caters to several different operating systems (OS) including Windows XP, Vista and 7.

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