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It’s final – the American Council of Engineering Companies of Colorado (ACEC-CO) won the Grand Prize for the Colorado Technology Makoever! This was announced by Debi Bush of CMIT Solutions of Denver who also organized the Makeover in collaboration with many sponsoring technology companies.

Go to the Makeover website to read all about the big event and the announcement, and view event photos. Coming soon will be a video of the presentation.

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     If you are still using tapes to back up your data, you are operating under a false sense of security. Tape drives are a cheap, 50-year old technology that are highly unreliable for keeping data safe.

    Even if you remember to swap out the tapes every day and take them home, tape drives will not be able to get you back up and running fast if your server fails and corrupts or erases your data.

     And if saving your data and being back up and running fast in the event of a disaster is important to you, then here are 3 very important reasons why it’s time to upgrade your tape drive to something more reliable:

     1) Tapes have a failure rate of 100%. No, that’s not a typo. Statistically, every single tape drive will fail at some point – it’s only a matter of when.

2)  Your network could be inaccessible for days, possibly weeks. Tape drives ONLY back up your data; not your programs, operating system or network settings. If your server crashes or is somehow stolen, corrupted or destroyed, your entire network has to be rebuilt from scratch – no small feat. Only at that point can your data be reloaded.

     3) Human error. Tapes need near perfect care to function properly. Someone has to remember to rotate them every day, take them offsite, and keep them in a dry, cool and clean place – not in a purse or front seat of the car where they can be stolen, melted, frozen or disabled due to moisture, dust or condensation.

So what type of backup system do you need to give you complete peace of mind that your data is safe  and you could be back up and running again  with minimal cost, time and aggravation?

Remember the other story in this April 2010 e-newsletter about the CPA firm and how it was prepared for the worst?

Join us in our crusade to rid all businesses in the Denver area of inefficient and unsafe backups (this does not include the very high end tape systems used by larger engineering and similar firms). Until Memorial Day 2010, upgrade your backup to our CMIT Guardian Plus plan, and you’ll receive a $400 check for your old tape drive.

Give CMIT Solutions of Denver a call  at 303-756-2648 if you continue to be intrigued or shoot Debi an email.

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The team at the Colorado Technology Makeover is excited and proud to announce that the winner of the first-ever event of this kind in Denver is the

American Council of Engineering Companies of Colorado

Marilen Reimer of ACEC of Colorado enthusiastically accepts the Grand Prize

ACEC of Colorado’s Executive Director, Marilen Reimer, was present for the Grand Prize Winner announcement. Upon learning that the judges had selected ACEC of Colorado, Marilen contacted her team as well as the executive board members of the engineering trade association.


Kim Martinez, Controller for DPS Foundation, accepts the technology prize

There were 2 Runners Up: the Denver Public Schools (DPS) Foundation and Feldman Mortuary. Both of these winners received a prize package valued over $2,000 in services and products. This will help each organization to infuse some new technology aspects to move them toward the next level in their respective businesses.

Our Judges

It was a very tough decision for our 4 judges to determine WHICH company of the 5 Finalists should be names the Grand Prize Winner.

Watch for more Day Of information and photos on the Colorado Technology Makeover website. Our hope is to learn from the first ever CTM and present another one in the latter part of 2011!


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Capture - Manage - ProtecteFileCabinet has been an alliance partner of CMIT Solutions of Denver for almost a year and a partner with the entire CMIT Solutions system. Last year I wrote a blurb or two on the financial value of going paperless. Here are excerpts from an article written by eFileCabinet’s CEO, Matt Peterson, that will shed more light and cause you to think about what your company is doing in this ever-growing technology arena.

Business as usual seems almost like an exercise in futility in these trying economic times, especially for smaller enterprises. To keep the fires burning hot, business owners find themselves rethinking all the old paradigms and looking at fundamentals in new ways.

With a slowing economy, companies are searching for ways to increase efficiencies and improve their bottom line at the same time. One action companies can take that can have lasting impact is a move towards a paperless office.

Make no mistake, health care organizations can benefit greatly through increased security, collaboration opportunities and more rapid access to records, but almost any other industry that uses paper documents can equally.

Companies are searching for ways to increase efficiencies and improve their bottom line at the same time. One action companies can take that can have lasting impact is a move towards a paperless office. 

The benefits are real and can be seen in the following:

  • Time: Files will not be lost or misplaced. Historical documents can be scanned, indexed and stored on secure servers. New documents and files created electronically in Word, Excel, PDF, and email messages can be accessed with a click of the mouse by one or more individuals rather than a walk across the office (or across town, in some cases) to a file cabinet.
  • Space: Valuable real estate used to house row upon row of file cabinets will be a thing of the past. Office space, which is at a premium in many locations, can now be used for less clerical functions and more revenue generating activities.

  • Security: Documents are stored in a central repository with rights management so access to documents is only granted with permission.

  • Money: No longer will employees waste time looking for lost or misplaced files or incur the exorbitant cost to recreate permanently lost files. Electronic files can also be backed up in multiple locations to prevent electronic data from being lost and preserving your business in the event of a system failure or natural disaster.

  • Environment:. Your business will reduce its carbon footprint (literally in the case of toner) paper consumption, eliminate the costs associated with paper processing and conserve valuable energy resources.

While it might not be feasible for your company to become completely paperless, it is well worth the effort to move to a more paper-less environment.

Click here to read Matt’s article in its entirety. Many of our clients and prospects have been noodling this whole paperless or going paperless solution around and wonder what their needs are and how to begin. Contact me at our CMIT Denver office at 303-756-2648 or by email to set up a phone or in-person meeting to take a look at eFileCabinet.

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It is completely coincidental that today is April 15th (tax day) and the following story is about a CPA firm being rescued by CMIT during the height of tax season. This is meant to make you aware as a business owner and decision maker that proactive planning and maintenance will keep you in business at the busiest of times and at all times.

My colleague in Long Island, Armando d’Accordo (naturally my Italian connection),  just made me aware of a disaster avoided  where one of his clients, a CPA firm, had a flood in their office as a result of horrible storms. Having a CPA firm in the last month of the tax season (or a law firm in the midst of a huge trial or an engineering firm completing a federal project) with potential downtime and loss is a nightmare that no one would wish upon another. However, through proactive planning with your IT consulting and support staff for business continuity, you and your team will be able to have quality sleep at night.

Click here to read the complete and true story about the financial and intangible aspects of having a plan in place and implementing the plan when disaster strikes! I recommend that you speak with CMIT Solutions of Denver or your internal IT support to review and maybe even update your business continuity plan and what is required to keep your business running.

What is CMIT Guardian? It’s part of your business or organization’s business continuity plan.

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Like many of you probably do, I receive daily or weekly ezine articles or newsletters from experts in the technology and other fields. One of those experts is Jon Gordon, author of The Energy Bus and The No Complaining Rule (to mention a couple of his books). With his permission, I am reprinting his article from late March.

 “We just de-cluttered our house in order to put it on the market. It feels so good I wonder why we didn’t de-clutter it a long time ago. Why do we live with so much stuff we don’t need? It’s not just a house question but a life question too.

Why do we fill our life with so many things that weigh us down? Things we never use. Thoughts that hold us back. Habits that limit us. Distractions that derail us. Negative people that drain us. Fear that paralyzes us. And countless time zappers that sabotage our performance and productivity.

We spend so much time and energy on things that don’t matter that we don’t focus on what does matter. We fill up with so many things that generate negative energy that there’s no room for positive energy to flow into our lives.

So today I want to encourage you to Spring Clean Your Life-both inside and out.

Get rid of the physical clutter which might include a messy house, a pile of papers on your desk, mail spread out all over the counter, a closet filled with old clothes you never wear or old salad dressings in your refrigerator. When you attack that to-do list, go through your piles of paper, clean up your desk, or throw out the trash in your car, you clear out the old and make room for the new. This simply makes you feel better.

The same goes for mental clutter. Spring clean the junk in your mind and you’ll eliminate the mind clutter that prevents you from focusing on your priorities and you’ll make room for great thoughts, exciting opportunities, endless possibilities, and an infinite supply of joy that is waiting to fill you up. You just have to make room for the good stuff.

Spring is a time of vitality, renewal, and re-birth. Seeds sprout plants, flowers bloom and nature comes back to life. You can do the same. Just get rid of your clutter and your energy will soar.

Action Steps

1. Pick one space in your house and/or office that is cluttered. Organize it and throw out the clutter. Observe how you feel when you are finished.

2. Identify one toxic belief or habit in your life and let go of the clutter?

Does physical and mental clutter affect you? What do you do to get rid of it?

Stay Positive!

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